Sony Digital Camera at High Cost

You have another option again that is Sony a6000 ILCE-6000 Body with the price at Rs 50,090 or $777.37. It is equipped with ISO sensivity range 100-25600. The basic spec is 24.3 MP. including sony digital camera accessories.

This is amazing digital camera like professional that you can capture the images and make video quality. You choose one of Sony digital camera 30000-50000 as your reference.

This is one of the expensive Sony digital camera in India that is Sony ILCA-77M2Q. You need Rs 109,990 or $1,629.39. it is quiet expensive but it may offer you best service as well. By this price, you can get camera type DSLR on the body only.

The effective resolution is 24.3Mp. it is equipped with more complete features than others explained above. You can capture the images very well result of the coloration. Well, now it’s your time to choose which one the best and most proper for you after reading the review of Sony digital camera price in this article. Good luck!



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